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David S. Olshansky and Associates is an established litigation law firm located in Chicago, Illinois. For two decades, we have dedicated our practice exclusively to criminal defense. Our attorneys have defended against almost every type of crime.

We have a strong track record of obtaining favorable results during trials, motions, negotiations and the appeals process. Through skilled legal service and personalized attention, we are committed to providing a level of representation that rivals any criminal defense firm in the nation.

An Entire Legal Team Committed to Your Defense

When you work with our firm, you will have access to an entire legal team. We call upon the strengths of our individual attorneys to provide clients with the best possible defense. Our lawyers meet every morning to discuss the status of each case and adjust strategies as needed. Through a meticulous investigation of evidence, case law and witness testimony, we evaluate every viable defense for your unique circumstances.

Helping Clients Make Informed Legal Decisions

The firm understands that facing a criminal charge is one of the most serious events of your life. We will do everything in our power to help you mitigate the consequences of your charge. While our desired goal is always acquittal or jail avoidance, we will never make a promise that we cannot keep. Our lawyers offer honest and practical advice to help you understand your legal position, and allow you to make informed decisions about your own future.

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With an exclusive focus on criminal defense, David S. Olshansky and Associates is in a strong position to favorably resolve your legal matter. Contact our firm at 312-902-3344 and ask to speak with a Chicago criminal defense lawyer.

Not Guilty
David Olshansky wins the highly publicized trial of the People of the State of Illinois v. John Bamberg. After two years and thousands of hours of preparation the trial of John Bamberg was held in the Circuit Court of Cook County's District 2 courthouse...
Armed Violence
Not Guilty
In case number 03 CR 46xx. A search warrant is executed and the FBI breaks down the door of an apartment. Inside they find a gun, drugs, and the only person home is a man asleep on the couch who doesn’t live there. That man is charged with...
Armed Robbery
Not Guilty
The allegations were that the defendant banished a firearm, pistol whipped the victim, and then took his money and cell phone. After a bench trial in the Cook County District 6 Markham Courthouse the judge found the defendant Not Guilty of all charges...
Attorney David Olshansky
David Olshansky

Mr. Olshansky founded the Domestic Violence firm to concentrate completely on domestic violence and related issues. His practice is limited to only issues which arise out of domestic criminal and quasi-criminal cases...

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