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The lawyers of David S. Olshansky & Associates provide skilled representation to individuals who seek to have their criminal record expunged or sealed. Removing a criminal charge from a permanent record can be complex and is a highly technical process. Our attorneys have a complete understanding of the system and how to create a persuasive motion. for nearly 40 years, we have had great success in helping our clients obtain a clean slate and overcome the problems associated with a criminal record.

The Issues Associated With Having a Criminal Record

In the age of technology, it is much more common for employers, landlords and other organizations to conduct background checks on applicants. Even if an individual only has a minor criminal charge, sometimes any record of criminal activity can be problematic. Your past crimes may affect opportunities in employment, housing, student loans eligibility and professional licensure. the good news is that there are laws that can help clear criminal records, and our firm helps clients take advantage of these laws.

Attorney David Olshansky is highly regarded for his in-depth understanding of the expungement and sealing processes, and is a frequent lecturer on these topics.

Requirements for Expungements

An expungement can permanently remove a criminal charge from an individual’s record — it will be as though the incident never happened. a seal on the other hand will clear the charge from public record, but law enforcement officials and the court system will still have access to this information.

Qualifications for expungements include:

  • Individual was acquitted of a misdemeanor or felony charge
  • Criminal charges were dropped
  • Individual has completed the terms of a suspended or conditional sentence
  • Felony convictions cannot be expunged, but some may be eligible for sealing

At David S. Olshansky & Associates, we fully explain the legal process behind expungements and seals, and help individuals understand if they are eligible. We always provide an honest assessment to our clients on the likelihood of success.

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