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Delivery of Cannabis on School Grounds

Illinois State Law Penalties for Possession With Intent to Deliver or Delivery of Cannabis on School Grounds or Within 1000 Feet of a School

Possession With Intent to Deliver or Delivery of Cannabis.

Under Illinois law it is unlawful for any person to knowingly deliver cannabis, or manufacture it, or possess cannabis with the intent to deliver.

The Penalties Under Statute 720 Ilcs 550/5 Vary Depending on Quantity, Proximity to a School, Prior Criminal History, and Other Circumstances.
Quantity of Cannabis (grams)Quantity of Cannabis (pounds)StatuteOffense ClassificationPotential SentenceExtended TermFine up toMandatory AssessmentProbation Available
0 – 2.5 grams within 1000 ft of school, ect.0.001 – 0.006 pounds720 ILCS 550/5.2(e)Class a Misdemeanor1 – 364 Daysnone$2,500$200yes
2.5 – 10 grams within 1000 ft of school, ect.0.006 – 0.022 pounds720 ILCS 550/5.2(d)Class 4 Felony1 – 3 Yearsup to 6 years$25,000$300yes
10 – 30 grams within 1000 ft of school, ect.0.022 – 0.066 pounds720 ILCS 550/5.2(c)Class 3 Felony2 – 5 Yearsup to 10 years$50,000$500yes
30 – 500 grams0.066 – 1.102 pounds720 ILCS 550/5.2(b)Class 2 Felony3 – 7 Yearsup to 14 years$100,000$500yes
500 – 2,000 grams within 1000 ft of school, ect.1.102 – 4.409 pounds720 ILCS 550/5.2(a)Class 1 Felony4 – 15 Yearsup to 30 years$200,000$1,000yes

There is no special provision for over 2000 grams near a school.

Casual Delivery of Less Then 10 Grams (720 Ilcs 550/7)

Any delivery of cannabis which is a casual delivery of not more than 10 grams without consideration shall be treated in all respects as possession of cannabis for purposes of penalties.

Delivery of Cannabis to a Person Under 18 Years of age by a Person Over 18 Years of Age: (720 Ilcs 550/7)

Any person who is at least 18 years of age who delivers cannabis to a person under 18, who is at least 3 years his junior, may be sentenced to a term up to twice the maximum.

Violations for Offenders Under 18 Years Old: 720 Ilcs 550/7

Any person under 18 years of age who violates this Act may be treated by the court as a juvenile, when normally they would have to be under 17 years of age to be treated as a juvenile.