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Former Supreme Court Justice Mary Ann McMorrow Passes

Posted on March 11, 2013

A sad day in Criminal Law, former Supreme Court Justice Mary Ann McMorrow has passed away at age 83. She was the first female on the Illinois Supreme Court, and also the first female Chief Justice. Her legal career was filled with enormous integrity and wisdom, this small post could not even begin to serve a proper acknowledgement or praise of her many achievements. From a Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney, to Circuit Court Judge, to Appellate Court Justice, to Illinois Supreme Court Chief she was one of the most influential legal minds in the State. Many have said that the barriers she broke as a pioneer for women in law have been incalculable and that she was so vastly influential it is far beyond anything that could be weighed. Her personal life has been counted as a very charitable and that she was very active in many foundations and her church. the legal community has lost a great member of the bar, her wisdom is recorded in many opinions and will pass among the ages.