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Possession of Cannabis Plants

Illinois State Law Penalties for Possession of Cannabis Plants Possession or Production of Cannabis Sativa Plants (Marijuana)

In Illinois, it is unlawful for any person knowingly to produce the cannabis sativa plant or to possess such plants unless production or possession has been authorized pursuant to Illinois law.

The Penalties Vary Depending on the Quantity of Plants.
Quantity of Cannabis (grams)StatuteOffense ClassificationPotential SentenceExtended TermFine up toMandatory AssessmentProbation Available
1 – 5 Plants720 ILCS 550/8(a)Class a Misdemeanor1 – 364 Daysnone$2,500$300yes
6 – 20 Plants720 ILCS 550/8(b)Class 4 Felony1 – 3 Yearsup to 6 years$25,000$500yes
21 – 50 Plants720 ILCS 550/8(c)Class 3 Felony2 – 5 Yearsup to 10 years$25,000$500yes
51 – 200 Plants720 ILCS 550/8(d)Class 2 Felony3 – 7 Yearsup to 14 years$100,000$1,000yes
201 or more Plants720 ILCS 550/8(e)Class 1 Felony4 – 15 Yearsup to 30 years$100,000$2,000yes