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Resisting Arrest

David S. Olshansky & Associates serves criminal defense clients throughout the Chicagoland area and has extensive experience representing individuals who have been charged with resisting arrest. We call upon the strengths of an entire legal team when assessing each case and have established a solid reputation for obtaining favorable results.

Defending Against Charges of Resisting Arrest

Charges of resisting arrest and obstructing justice are not always easy to defend against. Oftentimes they involve the word of an individual against that of law enforcement officials. Our firm is skilled in analyzing police reports, interviewing witnesses and obtaining the necessary evidence to successfully resolve these legal matters.

Many times law enforcement officials will use charges of resisting arrest to justify police brutality or misconduct. in other instances, a person may unintentionally knee or elbow an officer when he or she is being restrained. Further yet, it’s often a natural panic response for an individual to struggle when being forcibly handled by another person. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the incident, our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the laws and know how to prepare a convincing defense.

Mitigating the Consequences of Resisting Arrest Charges

We represent clients who have been charged with resisting arrest for reasons of:

  • Resisting arrest with physical force
  • Ignoring police requests
  • Verbally harassing or threatening police during arrest proceeding
  • Attempting to flee the scene
  • Giving false personal information during an arrest
  • Obstruction of justice

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