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Davis S. Olshansky and Associates are committed to helping individuals who face charges of shoplifting. We have an exclusive focus on criminal defense and our attorneys have spent their entire careers helping clients obtain efficient and favorable results.

Mitigating the Consequences of Shoplifting Charges

While some individuals consider retail theft to be a minor crime, penalties for conviction can be strict and may result in collateral consequences well into the future. Understanding what is at stake, our lawyers give their full attention to each matter. During our daily meetings, our entire legal team discusses each case and we solicit the input of all attorneys. Knowing that many legal minds are better than one, our clients feel confident that they are receiving the best possible defense.

Our firm has nearly 40 years of legal experience on our side. We have defended clients against almost every type of retail theft charge. From misdemeanor to felony offenses, our lawyers provide an aggressive defense for each shoplifting case. in many instances, we are able to obtain dropped or reduced charges, especially if our clients face first-time theft offenses. in other circumstances, we use our legal knowledge to contest the validity of a charge and use evidentiary arguments to support our client’s position.

Our firm also represents clients against civil claims of liability brought by a retail establishment.

Effective Representation for Retail Theft Charges

When individuals have been arrested for retail theft, they turn to our firm for skilled criminal defense against charges of:

  • Petty theft shoplifting
  • Grand theft shoplifting
  • Concealing merchandise
  • Removing anti-theft tags from store merchandise
  • Tag switching
  • Group shoplifting
  • Coordinating theft with a store employee

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With an exclusive focus on criminal defense, the Law Office of Olshansky and Associates is in a strong position to favorably resolve your legal matter. Contact our Illinois law firm at 312-902-3344 and ask to speak with a Chicago theft defense attorney.

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