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Allegations of a sex offense not only expose the defendant to potential lengthy jail time, but also to sex offender registration. Due to the unpopular view of society of people accused of these types of crimes the accused is subject to a long-term stigma that can follow him and his family for years in the future.

There are a wide variety of Sex Offenses. Most commonly when a person commits a Sex Offense there is some relationship between conduct with a sexual intent and a physical act perpetrated on another person. the most serious offenses are when an individual is accused of forcing another person to be involved in some type of sexual conduct, where the least serous offenses tend to be prostitution, the solicitation of a sexual act without force or coercion, or some sort of indecent exposure.

If under investigation, accused, or already charged with a sex offense it is important to engage an attorney that has experience fighting these types of allegations. There are many specific technical defenses that belong solely to sex offenses. David S. Olshansky & Associates has vast experience challenging and defeating these allegations.

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